Interesting Facts You May Not Know about Rodents

You might not realize it, because rodents are disgusting creatures that are often associated with dirt and filth, but they are actually extremely interesting creatures, too! Rats and mice may seem to be nothing but trouble, but there is a reason these pests are so successful at survival and so widely dispersed around the globe. Here are a few interesting rodent facts that you may not already be aware of. Prepare to have your mind blown!

Some rodents really get around

The brown rat is a skilled acrobat that enjoys worldwide distribution due to its skills of sneaking. These rodents stow away on ships and trek around the world. These globetrotting rodents are found on nearly every continent around the world.

Rodents are crazy about chewing

Did you know that rats and mice have teeth that continuously grow? They use their pearly whites (or maybe yellows!) to chew up various items for nesting purposes and to wear down those chompers. Books, papers, wiring, cement, brick, wood, and lead pipes are often prime targets for their destructive chewing.

Rodents reproduce like crazy

Rats and mice are prolific when it comes to reproducing. Mice can have litters of five or six babies every three weeks and rats can produce litters 15 times per year. While these pests don’t live long, they don’t have to when they reproduce as much as they do. A single pregnant female rodent invading a home can create a large rodent invasion in no time.

Some rodents can swim

Many people might not know this, but mice and rodents can swim, and a rat can tread water for up to three days. They can survive being flushed away or down the toilet, and can even return to the building via the same route. So if you have ever thought of flushing one down the toilet, just don’t. It won’t help you very much and you may just be clogging your toilet.

Rodents don’t throw up…ever

This is probably the most interesting fact about rodents: they physically cannot vomit or burp.  They have a powerful barrier between their stomachs and esophagus, and therefore don’t have the muscle strength to overcome and open this barrier by force – which is necessary for vomiting. On the flip side, one of the main functions of vomiting for humans is to rid our bodies of toxic substances. Rodents don’t have that same ability, and that is why poison is the most effective at killing them.

No matter how interesting rodents are, they are still not the kind of creatures you want in your home. When it comes to rodent control, we’ve got a handle on eradicating these intriguing pests. Here at Anti-Pesto Bug Killers, our technicians are knowledgeable about rodent habits and behavior, and we can develop a winning strategy to evict these pests from your home for good.

If you spot even just one in your house, we urge you to call a professional. Remember: mice can have litters of five or six babies every three weeks. So, you could have a litter in no time!

Learn how our rodent control can help you today!

This blog was written by Howard Bright, Owner of Anti-Pesto Bug Killers

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