The Trap of DIY Rodent Control

Have you noticed droppings around your pantry or have seen a rat or mouse near or even inside your house? You may be dealing with a rodent infestation. Your first thought may be to run to a hardware store and stock up on traps. But before you grab your car keys, you should understand why DIY rodent control is a trap in itself. As pest control experts of over 30 years, we’ll go over why we do not recommend DIY rodent control solutions. 

Working with Hazardous Materials 

There are two main methods of DIY rodent control: traps and baits. While traps may seem harmless to anyone who isn’t a rodent, they pose a risk to any pets or young children in your home. A curious pet or child could accidentally get caught in a trap and potentially hurt themselves. 

On the other hand, baits are made of poisons to kill the rodents when ingested. This can quickly become a dangerous situation if you get this on your hands and accidentally ingest it yourself—not to mention if your family pet finds the bait before a rat or mouse does.   

Time and Money Sink 

You may know you have a rodent problem based on signs such as droppings or hearing them at night, but you may not know exactly what species you’re dealing with. Rodents are sneaky creatures and can be hard to spot. If you don’t know what you’re treating, you could end up buying an ineffective DIY solution. Constantly going to the store and trying to find the right solution can take a lot of time and money—and even then it may not be effective in the long run.

Underestimating the Infestation 

Seeing one rat or mouse may not be the biggest cause for concern, especially during the winter months. However, one rodent can be an indicator of a much bigger infestation. DIY traps will not be able to handle a full-scale infestation. Rodents can hide in places you may not expect them, making it hard to find an infestation if you’re not dealing with rodents every day. A rodent infestation without professional treatment can lead to serious consequences for both your house and your health

Outsmarting Rodents

Rodents, especially rats, are actually rather intelligent pests. This presents a unique challenge when you try to remove them from your home. Rats have been known to learn where traps are and avoid them. Unless you’re familiar with their patterns and typical hiding locations, you may struggle to set traps in a place where they can’t be avoided. A professional will be able to find rodent nests and remove the problem from the source—freeing your home from any rat or mouse intruders and avoiding the guesswork of DIY rodent control. 

Ditch DIY Rodent Control

Rodent infestations can be dangerous both for your health and your home. If you suspect you have a rodent problem, you don’t want to just hope you find the correct solution at the hardware store. Investing in professional rodent control and removal ensures any current infestation is taken care of and prevents future ones. You don’t have to deal with rodents alone. Call Anti-Pesto for our rodent control services today.

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