Things You Could Be Doing To Attract Termites

Termites are a nightmare for homeowners, causing billions of dollars in structural damage to homes in the U.S. each year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. There are ways you can take action to protect your property from termites, including seeking professional help from a termite control company. But, did you know there are things you may be doing right now that are actually increasing your risk of a termite infestation? Let’s find out what!

What Attracts Termites to Your House?

  • Stacking firewood near your home
  • Allowing gutters to become clogged
  • Letting rotting wood remain in your yard
  • Spreading mulch by your foundation

Stacking firewood near your home

Many people keep woodpiles just outside their homes because it’s easy to grab when they need them. But woodpiles attract termites because wood is their primary food source. The National Pest Management Association recommends homeowners keep firewood at least 20 feet away from structures. You can also use concrete slabs to create a barrier and a strong metal stand to raise the wood off the ground.

Allowing gutters to become clogged

When you don’t clean out your gutters on a regular basis, leaves and other debris build-up and collect moisture. Gutter clogs provide the ideal conditions for a termite infestation. Maintain your gutters and properly extend downspouts so that water doesn’t build up next to the foundation of your home.

Letting rotting wood remain in your yard

When you let stumps and dead trees remain in your yard, they will eventually begin to decay, attracting termites looking for a food source. After the termites use up the rotting wood, they will begin to search for a new source, and your house may end up being their next stop. Be sure to remove all dead wood before it becomes an open invitation to termites.

Spreading mulch by your foundation

Mulch adds nutrients to the soil and retains moisture, which is why people use it in their gardens. Unfortunately, termites are drawn to mulch for these very same reasons. Control termites by making sure mulch are far away from your home’s foundation and monitoring it for termite activity. You can take away this termite food and water source altogether by using rubber mulch, available at home improvement stores.

How to Remove Termites

The most effective way to treat termite infestations is with the help of a termite control specialist. Here at Anti-Pesto, our highly trained staff use the most advanced techniques, systems, and products available to completely eliminate existing termite colonies and protect homes from future risks. If you need help protecting your home from termites this summer, let us help!

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