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Brownbanded Cockroaches


About Brownbanded Cockroaches

Brownbanded Cockroaches can be found in All 50 States. They get their name from the two lighter bands they have across their dark brownish bodies. In addition to the distinctive banding, males have full wings, which reach beyond the tip of their rather pointed abdomens, but females have underdeveloped wings, much shorter than their broad, rounded abdomens. The lighter band markings are much more distinct in nymphs than in adults of either sex.

Male brownbanded cockroaches have been observed to fly indoors. Among cockroach species, brownbanded cockroaches have the most distinctions between sexes. Females have larger abdomen and shorter wings than males. Brownbanded cockroaches often hide their egg cases in or under furniture.

Brownbanded Cockroaches Habitat

Within a room, the Brownbanded Cockroaches tend to prefer warmer, drier, and higher locations than do any of the other urban pests roaches. They are often found in upper cabinets or in other rooms than the kitchens (food preparation areas) or bathrooms.

Brownbanded Cockroaches Threats

Brownbanded cockroach can pose a number of health issues. These cockroaches have been found to carry and spread harmful bacteria and protozoa, which cause gastroenteritis and diarrhea. German cockroaches also cause, just like other cockroaches, allergies and asthma. Children will always be more affected then adults.

Brownbanded Cockroaches Treatment and Pest Control

There are a few things you can do yourself to prevent brownbanded cockroaches: dispose of trash regularly, vacuum often, and keep a clean kitchen reducing food sources. If you see brownbanded cockroaches, or any other cockroaches, please contact your pest control company immediately. Each species of cockroach is different, so therefore the pest management strategy they select should be based on an inspection identifying the type of cockroach, the source of infestation, and whether this is a residential pest control problem, or a commercial pest control problem.

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Supella longipalpa


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