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Want to learn tips and tricks about controlling pests from the experts themselves? How about things going on in the Tampa area? Look no further! Explore our blog to learn more from the Anti-Pesto team.

The Advantages of Mosquito Control in Tampa Bay

If you’ve lived in the Tampa Bay area for any length of time, you know that the summer months mean pool parties, beach trips, and […]

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Day in the Life of a Pest Control Technician

Are you looking for a pest control technician job? Whether you’re new to the job or have several years of experience, we know you want […]

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Why Do You Need Termite Protection in Florida?

Did you know that termites cause more damage in Florida to homes than storms, fires, and floods combined? That’s right! These tiny yet mighty pests […]

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Environmentally Friendly Pest Control: Our Dedication to Environmental Protection

For too long, our industry has had a reputation for using harsh chemicals and pesticides. However, the tides have been changing for pest control in […]

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The Benefits of Regular Pest Control: Creating a Barrier Against Pests

If you see a bug in your home, your first thought is likely to call a pest control company. But what if you could prevent […]

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The Trap of DIY Rodent Control

Have you noticed droppings around your pantry or have seen a rat or mouse near or even inside your house? You may be dealing with […]

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Commercial Pest Control: A Necessity for Florida Businesses

When you’re in charge of a commercial building, the last thing you want to have is to have a pest problem. Pests can drive away […]

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How Rodent Infestations Can Harm Your Home and Health

As winter approaches and the temperatures in Tampa Bay begin to cool, you may notice a rodent or two in or around your home as […]

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Seasonal Guide to Common Pests in the Tampa Bay Area

Florida is home to many different pests. However, each of them have different times of the year when they’re most active or more likely to […]

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5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Pest Control Company in Tampa Bay

In Florida—especially Tampa Bay—pest control is a no-brainer. Picking the right pest control company for your home is a big decision. It’s important to hire […]

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